The Day

Finding peace in the omnipresent noise, developing coping strategies, growing in the face of the outside world and themselves: Dream pop / indie rock duo THE DAY explores different shades of loneliness.

After the escapist sound world that The Day create on their debut album "Midnight Parade", the band turns to a clearer but also darker and more serene language on "The Kids Are Alright". In dealing with loneliness and the threat of loss of control, The Day want to offer a place of peace and confirmation, to themselves as well as to their listeners. But also a hopeful starting point for jointly overcoming isolation and the inability to act.

The Day released two DIY-EPs and then their debut album "Midnight Parade". They continue to work on formulating their own version of pop music. A music that is intimate without being imposing. That is meant to connect and look forward. Restrained, melancholic and always touching the heart.